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Findout the peaks in each row of matrix with specific conditions

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i would lime to find out the no of peaks in each row with a specific condtion (that is ) peakvalues with (peakvalue-minvalueof each row>1000)
Now i take a single row for easiness.In reality i have a big matrix.
A= [1000 8000 1000 1800 1200 4000 4800 4000 1000 1000]
the min-value of A=1000 The peak values of A= [8000 1800 5000], But the problem here is if i use ordinary threshold limit& findpeak
it will only compare with the values near to it.
I want to find out the total number of peaks which obey my condition (i.e>1000) in detailed way
8000-1000 >1000 (true) 1800-1000<1000(false) 5000-1000>1000(True)
so the aswer i expect peakswithcondition=2

Accepted Answer

Star Strider
Star Strider on 28 May 2015
Does this do what you want?
A= [1000 8000 1000 1800 1200 4000 4800 4000 1000 1000];
[pks,loc] = findpeaks(A-1000);
pksvct = (pks>1000);
pks = pks(pksvct) + 1000
loc = loc(pksvct)
It first subtracts 1000 from ‘A’, finds the peaks, finds the peaks the meet your criterion, then reports the actual value of the ‘acceptable’ peaks and their locations.
navan on 30 May 2015
Dear strider great. It resolved my issue thanks a lot again.

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