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how do I "locate file on disk" using matlab?

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Al Dente
Al Dente on 27 May 2015
Commented: Al Dente on 27 May 2015
The answer is system(['explorer /select,' fullfilepath_here])
question is: is there a matlab function that one can use instead of system?
I'm not talking about something like winopen(fileparts(filename)), this doesn't select the file for you it only opens a window.


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Anthony Poulin
Anthony Poulin on 27 May 2015
I am not sure to really understand your question.
Is the "uigetfile" function that you are looking for?
This function opens a browser which allows you to find a file.
The function returns the path and the name of the chosen file.

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Al Dente
Al Dente on 27 May 2015
no the functionality that I'm looking for is exactly what happens when you run
system(['explorer /select,' fullfilepath_here])
I just wanted to know if there's a matlab function instead of using windows explorer with the /select flag.

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