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Output data size does not match net.outputs{3}.size.

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I have a problem with my matrix size. I've got a neural network.
Input_temp = 24 x 29 matrix ;
Target_values = 24 x 29 matrix.
NodeNum1 = 5;
NodeNum2 = 10;
TypeNum = 1;
TF1 = 'tansig';
TF2 = 'tansig';
TF3 = 'tansig';
net=newff(minmax(pn),[NodeNum1,NodeNum2,TypeNum],{TF1 TF2 TF3},'traingdx');
And i've got that error: Output data size does not match net.outputs{3}.size. Please help with a code answer.
Have a good day!!

Accepted Answer

Greg Heath
Greg Heath on 24 May 2015
You defined 3 layers.
The last layer has only 1 node that does not match the 29 dimensional target.
Add 28 more output nodes.
Hope this helps
Thank you for formally accepting my answer

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