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How do i insert the area of each shape in the centre of it?

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This is my code below :

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 19 May 2015
Use sprintf() to create a string with the area in it. Then use text() to place it in the axes
caption = sprintf('Area = %.1f', area);
text(x, y, caption);
Of course you need to figure out what x and y are to position the string in the best looking spot.
Yashlin Naidoo
Yashlin Naidoo on 25 May 2015
How to draw every type of triangle?
I was only able to generate a equilateral triangle with my code below;
sides = 3;
t = (1/(2*sides):1/(sides):1)*2*pi-pi/3;
b = User_input(3);
x = b*sin(t)+5/8*xmax;
y = b*cos(t)+3/4*ymax;
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 25 May 2015
Not sure what you mean. To get every triangle, or just any triangle in general, you have to make the x and y have the coordinates of the three vertices. But I'm sure you know that already , so I'm not really sure what the question is.

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