Error using C Coder with Image Manipulation toolbox function

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I'm trying to use the C coder to convert a function built into the image manipulation toolbox (edge). However, when i try to compile, I get the following error.
The library method 'images.internal.coder.buildable.IppfilterBuildable.updateBuildInfo' failed.
Caused by: Image Processing Toolbox does not support compiler. Run mex -setup to select a supported compiler
I tried running mex -setup. but it says there are no supported compilers.
So I installed Microsoft Windows SDK 8.1. but I'm still not able to compile. I'm not even seeing this in the list of supported compiler configurations for mex.
Is there anything else I can do to get around this?

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 18 May 2015
Have a look at and scan down to the notes for limitations on compiling edge()
You will need an earlier SDK for your MATLAB version. The exact release of SDK is going to depend upon which MATLAB version you are using, but generally speaking SDK 7.1 has been good for the last several releases. The list of supported compilers is here for R2015a; if you have an earlier release than look to the left where you can click to select "Previous releases"
Karthik Ganesan
Karthik Ganesan on 22 May 2015
No worries. I'll do my best to find out about it online. Thank you for your help so far!

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