Code generation from S-Function

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Hi, I have a S-Function, which is created from C. I have to share this S-Function to other 3rd parties, along with the information of parameters and their order.
I want to block code generation from this S-Function by the 3rd parties, which receive this model. Is it possible to block such a code generation from S-Function.
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sridhar.s on 17 Aug 2017
Hi I am working on EKF based induction machine on RT-LAB(Real Time System) for that i need s-function which is created from C code for non linear systems so please provide me the code if possible could you please help me in this regard

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Sainath Varikuti
Sainath Varikuti on 13 May 2015
A '.mex' of an S-Function is only good for Simulation. i.e for Model update, Simulating in Normal mode and Accelerator mode (by default). For generating code you would need the following files as discussed here .
1) Noninline S-Function - A source file of your S-Function. However there are certain limitations discussed here .
2) Inline S-Function - It is necessary to have a '.tlc' file for your S-Function in-order to generate Inline code and Simulate in Rapid accelerator mode.
Therefore, If you do not have either the source file or the tlc file you cannot generate code for your S-Function

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