"To Workspace" block is not outputting data to the limit I have set.

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I am trying to log some data from a BeagleBone using the Analog Input. The data comes in fine, but I can not seem to get it to log for as long as I want. I am using a to workspace block to send the data to my workspace. It shows up at the workspace, but not all of my data points are there.
I have it set to limit data points to 100k, but the highest amount of data that has been sent to my workspace is 900. Is there a way to ensure that all of the data I am capturing makes it to my workspace?

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Sainath Varikuti
Sainath Varikuti on 13 May 2015
To capture all the data in the "To Workspace" block set the "Limit data points to last" parameter of the block to 'inf' as suggested here

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