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i have a file in flukeviewform software which includes start time,stop time,maximum voltage,minimum voltage, average voltage,duration, date..and if i export this file to microsoft excel then how can i read that excel file in matlab?

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Purushottama Rao
Purushottama Rao on 4 May 2015
xlsread function will help you.
FileName = 'data.xls';
PathName = cd;
starttime = xlsread(Table, 'c2:c100');
sample = xlsread(Table, 'b2:b100');
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neelam rawat
neelam rawat on 4 May 2015
Edited: neelam rawat on 4 May 2015
thanku sir for replying...can u tell me what this pathname=cd specifies? and after entering this command in matlab2013 error occurs which says an unexpected matlab operator......please suggest me if my file is in folder named software2013 in H drive how can i write this command?

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