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How to have different styles of mesh for matlab surfaces?

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Hi guys,
I have the below three test surfaces. I want each of the three surfaces to have the same color, but I want them distinguished based on different mesh style or line style or pattern? is it possible?
Thank you
x = [0:0.50:5];
y = {0:0.50:2; 2:0.50:3.5; 3.5:0.50:5};
Test1 = @(x,y)(x+y);
Test2 = @(x,y)(2.*x+y);
Test3 = @(x,y)(3.*x+y);
[X1,Y1] = meshgrid(x,y{1});
[X2,Y2] = meshgrid(x,y{2});
[X3,Y3] = meshgrid(x,y{3});
Z1 = Test1(X1,Y1);
Z2 = Test2(X2,Y2);
Z3 = Test3(X3,Y3);
s1 = surf(X1,Y1,Z1);
hold on
s2 = surf(X2,Y2,Z2);
s3 = surf(X3,Y3,Z3);
hold off
set(s1,'FaceColor',[0.9 1 1],'edgecolor',[0.9 1 1]);
set(s2,'FaceColor',[0.9 1 1],'edgecolor',[0.9 1 1]);
set(s3,'FaceColor',[0.9 1 1],'edgecolor',[0.9 1 1]);

Answers (1)

pfb on 27 Apr 2015
uhm, mesh style should be easy, provided you do not use the same color for the faces and the mesh. I'm using black here.
set(s1,'FaceColor',[0.9 1 1],'edgecolor',[0 0 0],'LineStyle','-');
set(s2,'FaceColor',[0.9 1 1],'edgecolor',[0 0 0],'LineStyle','--');
set(s3,'FaceColor',[0.9 1 1],'edgecolor',[0 0 0],'LineStyle',':');

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