Matlab: Read more data from a single column file

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ph on 23 Apr 2015
Answered: Ingrid on 23 Apr 2015
Hi all,
I have a text file formatted as follow:
and I would read it and create two vectors named "first-variable" and "second-variable" and filled by the numbers in the file (here 1 2 3 ....). Ny the way I know the total number of points in each vector.
Any suggestion on how to that?
Thanks in advance, Filippo

Answers (1)

Ingrid on 23 Apr 2015
you can just use textscan with %f format and 2 headerlines. This will read in the first vector and will stop as soon as it hits the string defining the start of the second variable. Than call textscan again on the same fid and it will continue from the line it stopped before (so do not forget to add one headerline in this case to skip the string part)


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