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appDesigner and ButtonDownFn does not work?

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Documentation states that any Matlab object can respond to click events provided they meet certain conditions.
In my case, the PickableParts property is not set to 'None' and Hit Test property is set to 1, which I'm not sure how to interpret. I use this line of code to set the ButtonDownFn callback:
> set(app.TroisD,'ButtonDownFcn',@ScatterClickCallback);
app.TroisD is the name of my appDesigner axis object.
When debuging the app, I use this line of code to capture the app.TroisD object:
> Roger = get(app.TroisD);
When I browse the object Ctrl + D, I get this:
To me, this clearly shows that Matlab has honoured my ButtonDownFn callback, and its PickableParts property is not set to 'None' and HitTest is set to 1.
I have set some dummy code and a breakpoint in the Callback function code, so that I can inspect the 'event' argument:
% Button down function: TroisD
function ScatterClickCallback(app, event)
a = 333;
b = event;
Yet, when I run the app and click on the axis, all I get in response to my mouse click is a "beep"?
Roger Breton
Roger Breton on 24 May 2024
I tried creating a callback to get the mouse position when the 2D image is clicked but it's not doing anything....
Roger Breton
Roger Breton on 24 May 2024
Got it! This post helped :
ButtonDownFunction on an image in App Designer
Modified my image creation code from this :
To this :
image(app.ImagePrincipale,img, "HitTest","off");

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