Issues with callbacks and large handle structures?

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I am working on a gui, and encountered a strange problem. When I pass 'h' to a uicontrol callback and put a breakpoint in the callback, I find that only the first 30 handles are present in the callback instance of 'h'. (i.e. h.figure, h.CCUpanel, h.gammacontrol, etc.)
Since the callback was called by a later uicontrol, errors were generated when I attempted to refer to it.
Has anyone seen this before and/or know how to correct it or work around it?
Thanks, Sean
Sean on 15 Nov 2011
Thank you all...
Jan is correct. Apparently I am only passing a partial handle struct to the callback. I didn't realize that it hardened the input variables when the callback was set (as opposed to sending the designated variables at time of activation).
Jan... If you formally answer, I will accept it.
Also, does anyone know how to set a pointer to the handle structure as an input to a callback (so that a dynamic structure can be used)?

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Jan on 15 Nov 2011
It is impossible to know the reason without seeing the code. Perhaps you have defined the callback function such, that it contains the only partially created handles struct? Then using the function GUIDATA is equivalent to using a pointer to the handles struct:
% Create the figure and the handles struct:
handles.DlgH = figure;
% Pass an incomplete handles struct:
uicontrol('Style', 'pushbutton', 'Callback', {@Callback, handles});
% Callback function:
function Callback(ObjH, EventData, handles) % handles is incomplete!
handles = guidata(handles.DlgH); % handles is complete and uptodate
handles.MyData = clock;
I'd prefer the following to avoid using the incomplet handles struct:
... 'Callback', {@Callback, DlgH}
function Callback(ObjH, EventData, DlgH)

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