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Avoid Page Break in MATLAB Report Generator

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I am using MATLAB Report Generator to create a PDF report. By default, it inserts a page break after each section. How can I disable that option?

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Raj on 26 Apr 2024
There are two approaches you might be taking to generate a PDF report in MATLAB.
  • Through Template- If you are using a template to generate report, Unde the Layout, you will find an option to control page breaks after sections. Update the template according to your requirements.
  • Through MATLAB script- If you're using MATLAB code to generate the report, you can change where the pages breaks by editing the code. To do this, remove the following code lines you may find after each section where you do not intend to break the page-
br = PageBreak();
append(d,br); %d = Document("mydoc","pdf");
For better understanding on how to use MATLAB Report Generator, you can refer to the following resources-
I hope this solves your query!


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