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plot with 3 different lines and a set of points

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Hi. I want to plot in one logarithmic graph 3 different lines and a set of points. I have the part of the code down below to be more specific about my problem. As you can see, the x axis is logarithmic but the y axis is not. I dont understand what is wrong about my code. If you have any answers, please help me.
Thank you!
VBBV on 23 Apr 2024
x = linspace(2,6,50); % use linspace
@Christos the variable y may not be needed, as you are evaluating y values using 3 different equations.
Use of linspace is better in this context, since you intend to use loglog function to plot your data.
Mathieu NOE
Mathieu NOE on 23 Apr 2024
the y axe is indeed in log scale , but the y range is not very wide , so you may have seen it as a linear scale , but is not
otherwise your "lines" would not appear as straight lines

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Answers (1)

Les Beckham
Les Beckham on 23 Apr 2024
The y axis is logarithmic. It's just not very obvious due to the limited range of your y data. Note the difference in the spacing between 240 and 260 vs. the spacing between 400 and 420, for example.

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