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in 2024a version of MATLAB, I can't see my training and validation accuracy in training plot progress.

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I am using MATLAB 2024a version. Some functions and things are a littelke bit different in this version. I am experimenting a cnn architecture from scratch to classify images. In earlier version of MATLAB, final validation accuiracy could be seen in training plot progress. But in this version I can't see it. I have checked the MATLAB documentation but could not find any solution.
Also, I can not use 'classify' function here and i am confused about 'forward' function in this version.

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cui,xingxing on 5 Apr 2024
Edited: cui,xingxing on 4 May 2024 at 12:51
As far as I can guess you should be using trainnet to train the network, which is indeed slightly different from the previous version. However, this doesn't affect your ability to see the final training and validation accuracy, you should check if the "ValidationData" in the "trainingOptions" contains your validation data.
Since R2024a, it is recommended to use trainnet instead of trainNetwork, which is almost compatible with the old version and offers more advantages:
  • trainnet supports dlnetwork objects, which support a wider range of network architectures that you can create or import from external platforms. For example, you can create and train neural networks with multiple inputs and multiple outputs.
  • trainnet enables you to easily specify loss functions. You can select from built-in loss functions or specify a custom loss function.
  • trainnet outputs a dlnetwork object, which is a unified data type that supports network building, prediction, built-in training, visualization, compression, verification, Simulink, code generation, and custom training loops.
  • trainnet is typically faster than trainNetwork.
BTW, you can't use the "classify" function on dlnetwork objects, because it only works with older versions of SeriesNetwork or DAGNetwork objects.
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