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How do I get old "property inspector" popup window in figure?

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I'm having trouble with a basic technical issue. Usually, I edit MATLAB figures by clicking "Edit" and then "Axes Properties...". This opens a window where I can make changes, like the one shown below.
Even though I'm using the same version of MATLAB (v2018b), I'm getting a different popup window (see below) that has all the information I need, but I prefer the older one.
Anyone know how do I get the old type popup window?

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Les Beckham
Les Beckham on 29 Mar 2024
Edited: Les Beckham on 29 Mar 2024
Try clicking the button at the far left below the window title bar (it shows "Group View" when you hover over it). It looks like you have switched to the "Alphabetical View" in your second screenshot. I'm not sure what happened to the search box, though. I see the search box in both views (in 2024a, anyway). You can also resize the window back to the smaller size like you would with any window.

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