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how to find max and min values in range for ecg

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i have a ecg data i want to know pqrst position i have idea is the ECG data The information comes in numbers. There will be both positive data and negative data, but they will be rotated in intervals such as plus, minus, plus, minus like this and so on. The first positive period will be the highest point at the P-wave position and the next negative period will be the lowest point. It will be a Q-wave, then the second positive period will be an R-wave, the next negative period will be an s-wave, and the third positive period will be a T-wave, and it will continue like this forever.
pls hlep me coding program or Guide what should i do ?

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cui,xingxing on 21 Mar 2024
You can perhaps use wavelet analysis for the detection of local extrema in ECG signals. You can refer to the following example.
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nattawut hadradchai
nattawut hadradchai on 1 Apr 2024
thank you but my teacher want me do my code is basic my teacher talk with me .He think for loop enough he want to see code hahah however i'm thank you so much for answer .When I have more knowledge, I will try to do as you say.

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