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How can I import live data from labchart into Matlab?

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I am working in a project where I will create a dataset from labchart recordings, I will export recorded data into .mat file and train my DL model, the problem is that after training my DL model, I need to test it using LIVE data from labchart, any ideas?
Also I need to know how to read live data from labchart into raspberry pi if possible, thanks

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Jim Hokanson
Jim Hokanson on 21 Mar 2024
Edited: Walter Roberson on 21 Mar 2024
The Labchart server code I wrote can do this but it relies on Windows drivers. The streaming bit is also a bit messy because to do streaming well really relies on writing code well for a specific use case -- harder to generalize (at least for me). To read it into a raspberry pi you would need to write a program on Windows to read it then to immediately pipe it over the network to a raspberry pi. There may be other approaches but via network seems easiest. This seems doable but would not be easy (unless you've done this before) AND would have a delay of probably 100+ ms (rough guess, this may be OK, depends on your use case).


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