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meaning of f in fprintf function

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Spaceman on 20 Mar 2024
Commented: Spaceman on 21 Mar 2024
So this is just a general question, as I familiarize myself with the fprintf and all other glorious functions...
When I use the /f or form feed as it's called, what's that actually doing? What does 'form feed' mean?
Also does anyone know why it's 'fprintf' and not just 'print'?
Thanks in advance!

Accepted Answer

Chunru on 20 Mar 2024
In old days, the command \f is used to make a printer to move to beginning of next pages.
fprintf or print or printf are used by different programming languages for the similar (but may be different) purpose. The begining "f" means file print. The ending "f" means the formatted print.
Stephen23 on 20 Mar 2024
Edited: Stephen23 on 20 Mar 2024
"I wonder why pi is a special case here"
PI is not a special case here.
PI is just a convenient binary floating point value that I used to demonstrate the effect of different formatting operators with. Forget about PI, you can pick any other binary floating point values with fractional part.
Spaceman on 21 Mar 2024
What would be another example of another binary floating point value? i^i or 0.20788?

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