FMI / FMU -Integration in Simulink in R2015a

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Stefan on 17 Apr 2015
Commented: Christian Bertsch on 15 May 2015
Hi all,
I'm interested in using the new FMI support of Simulink to integrate Modelica multi-body models into Simulink. I have Matlab R2015a (with Simulink) installed on my machine, however I cannot find any import/export option of that kind, nor anything in the documentation. Is this feature really available or do I need to download some additional software?
Thanks in advance, Stefan

Answers (1)

Abhishek GS
Abhishek GS on 4 May 2015
Hi Stefan,
As you may already know, FMI Toolbox is not a MathWorks product. You can find more information about Modelon's FMI Toolbox here . According to this link, the FMU support is only till R2014b. You may have to contact their Technical Support for more info.


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