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Regarding TMS320F28379D

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Santhosh Reddy
Santhosh Reddy on 13 Mar 2024
Edited: akshatsood on 18 Mar 2024
Dear All,
I developed simulink model for pulse generator connected GPIO (Digital Output), which was successfully built to a TMS320F28379D microcontroller, but while testing on the DSO the output not showing.

Answers (1)

akshatsood on 18 Mar 2024
Edited: akshatsood on 18 Mar 2024
I see that you are facing issues with your Simulink model not showing the expected output on a Digital Storage Oscilloscope (DSO) after deploying it to a TMS320F28379D microcontroller, there are several steps you can take to troubleshoot and resolve the issue. Here are a few recommendations to follow through:
Validate Connections and Microcontroller Configuration
  1. Physical Connections: Validate that all physical connections between your microcontroller and DSO are secure. This includes checking for any loose wires or improperly connected pins.
  2. Correct Pin Configuration: Verify that the GPIO pin you are using for the digital output is correctly configured in both your Simulink model and the microcontroller's software configuration.
  3. Clock Settings: Ensure that the microcontroller's clock settings match what is expected by your Simulink model. Incorrect clock settings can lead to timing issues.
Simulink Model Settings
  1. GPIO Block Configuration: In your Simulink model, ensure that the GPIO block used for digital output is correctly configured, including the correct pin number and port.
  2. Pulse Generator Settings: Confirm that the pulse generator block is correctly set up with the desired frequency, duty cycle, and amplitude. Make sure it is correctly connected to the GPIO block.
Testing and Debugging
  1. Successful Build: Confirm that the code was successfully built and deployed to the microcontroller without any errors. Look for any warnings or errors in the build log that might indicate a problem.
  2. Use LEDs for Simple Testing: As a simple initial test, try connecting an LED to the GPIO output pin to see if it blinks as expected. This can help confirm whether the issue is with the DSO or the microcontroller output.
  3. DSO Settings: Check the DSO settings to ensure it is configured correctly to detect the signal. Verify the voltage scale, time base, and triggering settings.
If the issue still persists, please help me with your model so as to have a better insight over the issue.
I hope this helps.


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