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How to do prony analysis for power system stability analysis?

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Dear all,
Is there any video link for carrying out the prony analysis of power system stability in MATLAB Simulink? This will really help me for succesful completion of my project.
Please do share the video link or any other procedure for carrying out the prony analysis.
Thank you

Accepted Answer

akshatsood on 19 Mar 2024
Edited: akshatsood on 19 Mar 2024
I understand you are interested in conducting Prony Analysis for Power System Stability Analysis. To my knowledge, there is no direct video tutorial or built-in support in MATLAB or Simulink for performing Prony Analysis, however, you might find the "Prony Toolbox" available on MATLAB's File Exchange platform beneficial for your needs. Before proceeding with this toolbox, ensure you have license to the Signal Processing Toolbox.
To access and prepare the tool for use, please follow the instructions outlined below:
  • Navigate to the page provided below and use the "Download" option to obtain the toolbox. This action will download a ZIP folder named "PTbox" onto your computer. Unzip this folder into your working folder.
  • Right-click on the unzipped folder and choose "Add to Path" followed by "Selected Folders and Subfolders" to ensure that MATLAB can access the tool.
  • Enter the command "pronytool" into the Command Window. This action will launch a graphical user interface (GUI). Within the GUI, you will find instructions on how to import your data and proceed with the steps to perform Prony Analysis.
Please be aware that if you are using MATLAB version R2023b, you may encounter a specific error when running the command for the first time, which is detailed as follows:
>> pronytool
Unrecognized function or variable 'xlate'.
Error in pronytoolbar (line 24)
mlabel = get(h1(j),xlate('TooltipString'));
To resolve this issue, simply navigate to the file named "pronytoolbar.m" located within the PTbox folder, under "Prony Toolbox Download." Then, modify line 24 as indicated below:
mlabel = 1; %get(h1(j)),xlate('TooltipString'));
I hope this helps.

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