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This text contains non-empty top-level expressions. It appears to be a script/Function call failed. Function 'Recursive Least Squares Estimator/RLS' (#55.601.763), line 24, c

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After trying to use the block Recursive Least Squares Estimator simulink returns the following errors. Can anyone tell me how to deal with this? Below the list of errors, I put the program from Simulink

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akshatsood on 19 Mar 2024
Edited: akshatsood on 19 Mar 2024
Hi @Artur,
It appears you are encountering an error message stating, "This text contains non-empty top-level expressions. It appears to be a script." This issue typically arises when there is an expectation for a function name, but instead, a script name is provided.
Based on the snapshots you have attached, "real.m" seems to be identified as a script rather than a function. It is crucial to ensure that function calls are executed correctly, using the appropriate name. It is worth noting that the name of the script and the function defined within the script may not always match, which can lead to such errors. I recommend verifying this to see if it addresses the problem.
If the issue persists, please share your model with me so I can assist you in troubleshooting further.
I hope this helps.


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