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CANoe-Simulink Test automation

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소원 on 9 Mar 2024
Answered: Kothuri on 29 Apr 2024
Hello, I'm working on test automation using CANoe-simulink.
I have a few problems and I need your help.
1. Canoe is not terminated when Matlab is terminated because the test is terminated.
--> The test is failing because canoe is running the next time it is running again.
2. Test results do not go to JENKINS.
--> simulink is running canoe and doing the test well. But I don't know how to hand over the fail information that occurred at this time to JENKINS.
Can you help me with this?
Thank you.

Answers (1)

Kothuri on 29 Apr 2024
I understand that the CANoe is not terminated when the MATLAB is terminated as the test is terminated. This might not happen automatically, depending on how the integration is setup. You can include a command such as
cleanupObj = onCleanup(@() system('command_to_terminate_CANoe'));
which can be a part of the try/catch block or a oncleanup function to ensure that CANoe terminates once the test is terminated.
To send the test reports to JENKINS, ensure that MATLAB tests generate reports in Junit or other formats that JENKINS supports and configuring Jenkins to parse and display these results by adding a post-build action to "Publish JUnit test result report".
To ensure that failure information is correctly propagated back to Jenkins, your MATLAB script or test runner should exit with a non-zero status code upon failure. You can use exit(failCount) where failCount is the number of failed tests.


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