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How to add MATLAB design, testbench in HDL Coder Project programmatically ?

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i was going through "Basic HDL code generation with the workflow advisor" ...( Under the section "Create an HDL Coder Project" we can programmatically create HDL Coder project but nothing is mentioned how do we add the MATLAB design and Testbench programmatically ?
Can someone guide me through how do we do it programmatically .... Is there even a way of doing that programatically?

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akshatsood on 24 Jan 2024
Edited: akshatsood on 24 Jan 2024
Hi @Omkar,
Please go through the following documentation page to execute the HDL workflow through a script
For generating testbench, you can leverage "makehdltb" function which generates an HDL test bench from the specified subsystem or model reference.
Have a look at the following references for better understanding
I hope this helps.


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