Where are some officially supported default download data paths/Folders?

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With the continuous updating and iteration of the Matlab desktop version, many official example programs need to download some data from the network online, such as deep learning network weight data (generally larger), the installation path of the support package, sample documentation scripts, etc. After updating the new version of the installation, the old version of these data is still stored in the host computer drive disk by default, taking up a large amount of storage space. Knowing these storage paths is important for data management.
So where are the official matlab example program data, deep learning neural network weights, support packages/installation paths located by default, respectively?

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cui,xingxing on 8 Jan 2024
Edited: cui,xingxing on 8 Jan 2024
  • official matlab example program data
  • deep learning neural network weights,support packages/installation
To avoid some legacy data from the old version taking up space, it is best to uninstall the application using the MATLAB Add-ons explorer interactively before installing the new version, and then uninstall the entire MATLAB desktop, and last install the new version of MATLAB desktop.

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