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unable to download Xilinx Zynq Linux Binaries

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on 5 Jan 2024
Answered: akshatsood on 5 Jan 2024

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akshatsood on 5 Jan 2024
Hi @睿,
I see that you are experiencing issues with downloading the Xilinx Zynq Linux binaries. Having reviewed the screenshot you provided, I recommend attempting to reinstall the "Deep Learning HDL Toolbox Support Package for Xilinx FPGA and SoC Devices." This action might rectify the error you are encountering. For detailed instructions and additional information about the support package, please visit the link below.
In case the issue persists, please help me with the logs for a more detailed investigation. The attached MATLAB Answer will assist you in determining the location for the logs on Linux system.
I hope this helps.





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