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how to make it state space representation a dynamics microgrid model in Model Predictive Controller(MPC)

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so i have a microgrid model and MPC, like in the figure and I had en error "Plant Models cannot be a pure direct feed through system without additional dynamics " and I don't know how to make it dynamics.
akshatsood on 12 Jan 2024
Edited: akshatsood on 12 Jan 2024
Hi @Kawsar,.
I investigated your issue and opened your model in MATLAB R2023b. While designing the MPC, I was able to get the following table. I seek your help in correctly identifying the issue you are facing, is it related to not able get the following table or after designing the MPC, you are not able to see the correct number of inputs and outputs as that in your microgrid model. Do help me with your workflow to take it further.
As a second thought, did you try using "Bus Creators" block for the purpose of combining the signals.
Mounira on 12 Jan 2024
Edited: Mounira on 12 Jan 2024
hello, i did, i got the table and i imported the signals through the "selected signals" button, and i used mix signals to get them, all is good, the problem after it, I fixed the question that i wrote, but then i got an error, my question was about the error, maybe i should change the question now

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Answers (1)

akshatsood on 12 Jan 2024
Referring to the discussion within the comment thread, it appears you have come across the error "Plant model cannot be a pure direct feed-through system without additional dynamics." To rectify this issue, I recommend consulting the comprehensive solution provided by the MathWorks Support team. Implementing the suggested workarounds should help resolve the problem.
Additionaly, do refer to the following answers if the above workarounds do not work for you
Should the problem continue to occur despite following the suggested solutions, please inform me as this will enable me to conduct a thorough examination of the problem and work with you to identify a more effective resolution.




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