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How to activate Interpolate Data in Inport block in Simulink MATLAB

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I have an Inport block in Simulink, in which Interpolate Data option is not activated as shown in the following:
Figure 1
I have another Inport block from another Simulink file, in which its Interpolate Data option is activated as shown in the following:
Figure 2
I want to have an Inport block like something exists in Figure 2. I tried to copy and paste the Inport, but did not work. I appreciate it if anyone can help me with this issue.

Answers (1)

madhan ravi
madhan ravi on 11 Jan 2024
That option is under Execution dialog box:
Angelo Yeo
Angelo Yeo on 11 Jan 2024
The "Interpolate data" option has been recently moved from "Main" tab to "execution" tab. (I'm not sure when the "execution" tab was introduced, however, note that the customer uses R2014b.)
On top of that, one should put the inport in the top level of models in order to have "interpolate data" option.

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