How to move file from one folder to another folder?

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I am renaming my existing file uisng
Then I want to move this "rename" file to other folder but how to use "movefile" function where I have stored filename in "rename"?
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Stephen23 on 28 Dec 2023
The accepted answer calls MOVEFILE twice, which is not required. You can do this with one call:
oldName = 'oldName.txt';
newName = 'newName.txt';
oldPath = 'absolute or relative path to where the file is saved';
newPath = 'absolute or relative path to where you want the file';

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Accepted Answer

Debraj Maji
Debraj Maji on 28 Dec 2023
I understand that you are trying to rename a file using "movefile" function and then you want to move it to a different location. Given below is the required template that will allow you to do the necessary.
oldfilename = 'your file path';
rename = 'The new name for the file';
% Rename the existing file
movefile(oldfilename, rename);
newFolderPath = 'Define the path to the new folder where you want to move the file';
% Create the full path for the new location by concatenating the folder path and the new filename
newFilePath = fullfile(newFolderPath, rename);
% Move the renamed file to the new folder
movefile(rename, newFilePath);
For more information on the "movefile" function you can refer to the following documentation:
I hope this resolves your query,
With regards,

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