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In latest version (R2023b), multiple lines on figure cannot be selected when Property Inspector is open.

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I've just installed the latest Matlab version (R2023b), and my previous shortcut for selecting multiple lines at a time on a figure (Shift+Click or Alt+Click, as I work on a Mac) only works when the figure's Property Inspector isn't open. Am I missing something? This wasn't an issue in the 2022 or any of the previous versions of Matlab that I have used. I've tried looking into Preferences but didn't see anything relevant to my issue. Thank you!

Accepted Answer

Prateekshya on 18 Dec 2023
Hi Luisa,
I understand that you are unable to use the shortcut key in the latest version of MATLAB which you were able to use in the previous ones. One solution is to reset the preferences and see whether you are able to use the shortcut. You can also refer to this link for more information on keyboard shortcuts:
I hope this helps!

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