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How can i send data from App Designer to a Simulink model that has masks?

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I am working on a Simulink model in which there are masks to enter the parameters needed to simulate this model. I have been asked to develop an application for this model on App Designer. Specifically, the application must take the parameters entered on an excel file (which are the same as those in the masks) and pass them to the simulink model. I was able to pass the parameters from excel to App designer, but then I am not able to pass this data to the simulink model. How can I do this?
(P.S. It has been suggested that I pass them to InitFCN so that I don't have to delete the masks)

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Ramtej on 7 Dec 2023
Edited: Ramtej on 7 Dec 2023
Hi Arianna,
I assume you are trying to set the mask paramters using your App.
You can achieve this programmatically by utilizing the "set_param" function. For detailed instructions on how to control masks programmatically, please refer to the following documentation.
Hope this helps!!


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