Have switch language input method but can't type chinese in MATLAB in ubuntu20.04?

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When I switch the Chinese language mode input in MATLAB editor or matlab live script, I can't input/type Chinese, it's always English letters, Even though I have successfully switched to Chinese input mode (shown by the red circle in the upper right corner)? how to solve it?
In contrary,In other third-party applications (vscode, vim, gedit,etc.), I can switch the language input mode normally, and I can input Chinese normally.
During this period, I have tried reinstalling different Chinese input methods, restarting the system and MATLAB, and still the same result, the only thing I can't do is to input Chinese in the MATLAB environment.
Here is my current language input method configuration,for reference only.
my Env:
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cui,xingxing on 7 Dec 2023
Edited: cui,xingxing on 3 Jan 2024
Mixing non-English languages can be more or less distracting and a waste of energy, and it's better for communication to switch to an international language, so I'm sticking to English here and in the follow-up process.
------------------------------------------Updating the dividing line-----------------------------------------------
Matlab R2024a Prerelease is OK.

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