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Please suggest STM32 debugger with support for monitor and tune for customized board.

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I am trying to use Monitor and tune feature on customized stm32g474 board, I have a development board of same microcontroller where monitor and tune works fine. I have an STlink V2 debugger but it does not even connect via MATLAB, saying No target MCU found. The development board does has an STlink V3 debugger inbuilt. I would like to know whether STlink v3 MINIE would suffice which has VCP or will I have to go for MODS or some higher variant which has bridge functions for allowing UART to be bootloader. Sheding some light on what MATLAB is using while Monitor and Tune will work.

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Nithin on 5 Dec 2023
Hello Pawan,
The STlink V2 debugger should be able to connect to Simulink. Ensure that the board firmware has been upgraded. This can be done via the STM32CubeProgrammer tool. This tool can be downloaded from the following link:
Monitor & Tune uses UART to work, and the STlink v3 MINIE's VCP pins need to be shorted to the UART pins for Monitor & Tune to work.

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