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piecewise function and function handles

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Hi everybody, I have a little trouble issues with my function handles.
In particular I am trying to describe a function handle which has a specific value (related to two variables) in a range of one of the two vairables, and 0 otherwise.
@(freq_wave,wave_angle) (0<= wave_angle <= pi-E_2rad) .* ((2.25/4)*ro_w*g*B*0.75).*(sin(E_2rad+wave_angle).^2+(2.*freq_wave.*(vel_nave/g).*(cos(E_2rad).*cos(E_2rad+wave_angle)...
-cos(wave_angle)))) + (wave_angle > pi-E_2rad) .* 0
the function written as above mentioned returns a value different from 0 if wave_angle > pi-E_2rad instead and I cannot understand why and how to fix it. Thanks in advance for your help

Accepted Answer

Dyuman Joshi
Dyuman Joshi on 21 Nov 2023
You need to define multiple conditions separately/individually i.e -
(0<= wave_angle <= pi-E_2rad)
should be -
(wave_angle >=0) && (wave_angle <= pi-E_2rad)
Gianluca Angelini
Gianluca Angelini on 21 Nov 2023
Don't worry. You couldn't have known about integrals.
By the way all the problems aforementioned are fixed. Thanks again!
Dyuman Joshi
Dyuman Joshi on 21 Nov 2023
Edited: Dyuman Joshi on 21 Nov 2023
The anonymous function is vectorized and so, for the given comparison, I should have noted that it should be a single ampersand. (I really should be going to sleep earlier :P)
Nonetheless, glad to know that your issue is solved. Happy to have helped!

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