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Unable to Open Matlab Files from File Explorer Into Current Session via Double-Click or Drag and Drop

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Here is my version info:
I found a reference to a similar issue here: However, I tried the solution of using an Administrative prompt and launched File Explorer and Matlab from the same shell, and it still does not work. You can see the method here, but the "no entry" symbol doesn't appear in the screenshot for some reason:
The other reference that I found at posed a similar issue with elevation of Matlab in the shortcut, but I didn't find that issue here, which makes sense based upon the above result.
It's unclear to me if this is a Matlab, Windows, or local IT issue, but I've asked local IT to take a look and they don't believe that anything has changed especially since the admin shell suggestion didn't work. Also note that this is pervasive to users around me who are mostly (all?) using R2023a.
Please let me know if there are any suggestions or idea for how to fix this or what might be causing it.

Accepted Answer

Shawn Treacy
Shawn Treacy on 12 Mar 2024
The problem is that launching File Explorer from an administrative shell doesn't elevate File Explorer as it can only run with user-level permissions. The only way that I could find around this is to use a 3rd party file manager that can run with administrative permissions. In that case, double-clicking and drag-and-drop work as expected. It isn't an ideal solution, but it is the best that I could find.

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Prateekshya on 6 Nov 2023
Hi Shawn,
As per my understanding you are unable to open the .m files with double click or drag and drop even after launching MATLAB with administrative privileges.
Firstly, you should set the default program as MATLAB to open the .m or .mlx files. If this does not resolve the issue, there can be an issue with the installation of MATLAB. Consider reinstalling MATLAB for which you can refer this link:
I hope it helps!


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