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OverFlowIngBurstMode overflow occurs in burst mode matlab error

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I am getting this error working with USRP-210 to capture CSI data.
how to solve this error?

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Prateekshya on 7 Dec 2023
Hi Harsh,
The error message you're encountering suggests an overflow issue during the reception of data. Here are some steps you can take to troubleshoot and potentially resolve the issue:
  • Adjust Sampling Rate: Lower the sampling rate in your MATLAB script. A lower sampling rate reduces the amount of data being processed and might help avoid overflow issues.
  • Increase Buffer Size: Increase the buffer size to accommodate more samples before processing.
  • Check USRP Configuration: Ensure that the USRP device is properly configured and is not experiencing any issues. Make sure the USRP device is connected and configured with the correct IP address and settings.
  • Verify Signal Quality: Check the quality of the received signal. If the received signal is noisy or weak, it can lead to overflow issues. Ensure that the signal source is stable and within the operational range of the USRP.
Always make sure that your hardware setup and configurations are correct. I hope this helps!


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