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(RoadRunner suggestions)Pending enhancement of the pace of co-simulation with simulink

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The RoadRunner Scenario tool is a new product introduced since R2022a and is a good start to make up for RoadRunner Scene. But as I used it, it had many shortcomings:
According to the official document, importing RoadRunner Scene and simulink co-simulation For Unreal Engine requires Simulation 3D Scene Configuration module block, which has directly supported RoadRunner Scene input since R2023b, but the simulation execution efficiency is extremely low, for example, using the RoadRunner built-in "BigCitySampleScene.rrscene", first export the Unreal fbx file, and then imported to simulink simulation, in my computer is almost impossible to simulate (load simulation at least half an hour or more), occupy resources It takes up a lot of resources. The same is true for switching to other built-in scenes/scenarios.
Some suggestions and thoughts:
1. Can MathWorks strengthen the joint simulation of RoadRunner Scene and Simulink, for example, the inherent simulation execution efficiency of RoadRunner Scenario itself is very high, can we use Simulation 3D Scene Configuration block to support RoadRunner Scenario directly, instead of using the middle simulation module? i.e, rather than intermediate fbx files and third-party software Unreal Editor packaged as executable files turnaround for simulation.
2. RoadRunner Scenario should add "Simulnation 3D Camera/FishEye Camera/Lidar/Radar/..." and other module blocks support. instead of just "Vision Detection Generator/Lidar/Radar/..." sensor only.
my computer Env:
R2023b, windows10
GPU: GeForce GTX1070 8G
CPU: intel i7 2.9 GHZ
Visual Studio IDE: 2019

Answers (1)

Nishan Nekoo
Nishan Nekoo on 9 Oct 2023
RoadRunner Scenario is supported directly in Simulink without the use of the Simulation 3D Scene Configuration block. The use of this block is only necessary for co-simulation with Unreal Engine. See the following link for examples for co-simulation between RoadRunner Scenario and Simulink or MATLAB, without using the Simulation 3D Scene Configuration block:
Regarding your second point about supporting different sensor blocks: I believe the vision detection generator should accomplish the same thing as the Simulation 3D Camera, and as you mentioned, both radar and lidar are supported too. Is it just the fish eye camera functionality that you are looking for? Please clarify if I am misunderstanding your suggestion.
Nishan Nekoo
Nishan Nekoo on 12 Oct 2023
Thank you for the clarification and suggestion! I understand your concerns regarding this workflow and will pass your suggestions along to the development team.
For your next suggestion, are you suggesting that the Screenshot Tool in RoadRunner should include the ability to take a screenshot of a specific rectangular area of interest?
cui,xingxing on 13 Oct 2023
Edited: cui,xingxing on 13 Oct 2023
Thank you for taking my suggestions.
Yes, there is a specific geometry reference range for the top view screenshot, in order to facilitate the construction of imref2d object.

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