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Shuffle matrix elements

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Raviteja on 3 Nov 2011
Hey guys, I want to shuffle a 3x3 matrix (which consist elements within 1:9 unrepeated). So that I have written a very strange code.
Execute above line once.
Then execute below line how many shuffled matrices you want.
Is there any better way to do this?

Accepted Answer

Jan on 3 Nov 2011
SMx = reshape(randperm(9), 3, 3);
If you have Matlab 2011b, use "randperm(9, 9)" instead: It uses the Fisher-Yates-Shuffle, which is much faster. And if you struggle with large arrays, this is even faster: FEX: Shuffle.

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Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang on 3 Nov 2011
I believe it means to be randperm(), not perms().
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Jan on 3 Nov 2011
PERMS is correct: Raviteja produces *all* permutations at first and chooses a specific one afterwards. This needs a lot of memory...

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Amgad Mohsen
Amgad Mohsen on 9 Aug 2012
A function file as I did with out randperm()
function W = randomize(A)
[m,n] = size(A);
E = A(:);
W(1) = E(1);
E(1) =[];
N = m*n;
while length(E) > 0
K = length(W);
RandInd = randi(length(E),1);
for j = 1: K
P(j) = E(RandInd) ~= W(j);
if all(P)
W =[W,E(RandInd)];
E(RandInd) =[];
W = reshape(W,m,n);

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