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Simple class counter running each step

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I want to create a 'simple counter' class (so I understand how it works), that increases the count value every time it is called.
classdef SimpleCount
Property1 uint16 = 0
methods (Access = protected)
function y = stepImpl(obj,AddValue)
obj.Property1 = obj.Property1 + AddValue;
y= obj.Property1;
Count = SimpleCount() %declaration of instance of class
Count(5) % As 'Property1' is zero, this should result in answer = 5
Count(5) % This should result in 10
Above try gives me an error "Index exceeds the number of array elements. Index must not exceed 1."
I know how to create Methodes, but I need this code to run on a PLC (Simulink) and it must be updated every PLC scan. This counter is just for me to understand the principle, as the final implementation will be something completly different.
Thanks for any suggestions

Accepted Answer

Ludo Houben
Ludo Houben on 1 Sep 2023
Ok found my mistake you need to call it as 'methode' step.

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