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I am trying to get a picture using a webcam in MatLab. I am successfully able to obtain the picture and such by using the following code:
picture = videoinput('macvideo',1);
cam_image_rgb = getsnapshot(picture);
By default, the resolution of the image is set to 1280x720. How would I go about changing this to 800x600? I am aware that I can do this manually by clicking on 800x600 within the toolbox; however, I cannot use the toolbox as this project cannot have any manual intervention. Therefore, I am using the code above within the .m file.
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Jake Bolanski
Jake Bolanski on 2 Nov 2011
Here is the result I obtain when I do:
propinfo(picture, 'VideoResolution')
ans =
Type: 'double'
Constraint: 'none'
ConstraintValue: []
DefaultValue: [1280 720]
ReadOnly: 'always'
DeviceSpecific: 0
Any clue on how I would change the [1280 720] to [800 600]? set(propinfo(picture, 'VideoResolution'), [800 600]) yields "Error using set
Conversion to double from struct is not possible."

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Jake Bolanski
Jake Bolanski on 2 Nov 2011
Okay this was much easier than I originally thought. Depending on what is visible under your camera in the actual Image Acquisition Toolbox, you can easily pick the correct resolution (assuming your camera supports it) by:
picture = videoinput('macvideo',1,'YCbCr422_1280x720');
where the 'YCbCr422_1280x720' should be changed to 'YCbCr422_800x600' or whatever your camera names it as.
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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 2 Nov 2011
I thought you couldn't use the toolbox functions.

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