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Reconstruct 3D model from slices scan (tif file)

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Hello, I scanned a shank using CT.
It turns out a lots of slices in tif files. Each tif has the same view, and only part of it is the bone.
So how can I rebuild the 3D model of the shank from this tiff files, and build a coordinates for it, so that I could know like where the cracks are and how it looks like.
I have all the MATLAB toolbox

Answers (1)

Kevin Holly
Kevin Holly on 24 Aug 2023
You can tiffreadVolumeor read to import the tiff files. If you have multiple tiff files, you can read them in a loop and generate a 3D matrix Volume of the image stack.
V1 = tiffreadVolume('mri.tif');
whos V1
Name Size Bytes Class Attributes V1 128x128x27 442368 uint8
Then you can use isosurface to visualize it.
If you have the images in DICOM (.dcm) or NIfTI (.nii) format, you can open it in with the Medical Imaging toolbox.


Find more on DICOM Format in Help Center and File Exchange




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