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White lines appear in postscript

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Peter on 1 Nov 2011
When creating a postscript file from a figure in which I plotted a colored surface using surf, straight and diagonal white lines appear in the postscript. The straight ones actually look like gridlines (appearing at random locations) and they only appear on the screen, not on the hard copy print.
thanks a lot for any suggestions to resolve this! P

Accepted Answer

Jan on 1 Nov 2011
Where do these lines appear? When printed to paper or when displayed to the screen?
For the later see: If you have two neighboring areas in a PS or PDF and display them with antialiasing, a small line with the background color must appear between the edges. There is simply no optimal choice.
This is a general problem of vector formats. Even the pixel-graphics created by OpenGL miss some points on the edges under rare conditions.

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Daniel Shub
Daniel Shub on 1 Nov 2011
It tends to fix most problems with printing/saving figures.
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Peter on 23 Jan 2012
i'm using a (adapted version of) export_fig indeed.

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