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Execution order tab is not displayed

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Hi All
I'm trying to get a new SubSytem for my library compiled, but I get '...are involved in the loop' errors. As the error pointer shows me a piece of code that relies on information from a 'GoTo' label, I am almost certain that this has to do with the execution order of the blocks, and I'm trying to find the editor. I found this help page about the execution order, but when I toggle the 'Execution Order' button in the 'Information Overlays' as mentioned, I still do not see this editor. Is there an alternative way of displaying and changing the execution order of the code? Or will this only be displayed when the SubSystem is compiled without errors? In that case, how can I prioritise the part of the code which creates the information from my 'GoTo' label? Thanks for any help.

Accepted Answer

Ludo Houben
Ludo Houben on 18 Jul 2023
The Execution Order editor window is only displayed when the code is compilable.

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