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SubSystem missing image in library (created with mask)

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Hi All
Yesterday I succesfully created a 'mask' for a referenced SubSystem within a Library I'm trying to create. Today I want to continue, but the image is NOT displayed anymore, after opening the library '*.slx' file.
When I try to open the block with 'Open <block> and Edit mask' within the library, then the 'Drawing Commands' screen is selected instead of the 'Graphical' screen, and also all info is missing. When I switch to the 'Graphical' screen, then there is only the default empty image. The image that I have created previously is missing completely, although it is still present on the stored location.
Also after 'reloading' the library, in the library browser, the image continues to be available. The image (*.svg) is saved next to the subsystem file (*.slx) and the location is added to the 'path' within MatLab. I am a 100% that I saved ALL files yesterday. Is there anybody wo has an idea of what I could have been doing wrong?

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Ludo Houben
Ludo Houben on 24 Aug 2023
Found that the reference within the block is 'fixed'. So after renaming / relocating you have to recreate this reference. I don't know how to do this 'properly' but I have found a workaround.
  1. Create a copy of your existing image which is not loading
  2. Within the mask create a 'new' drawing in graphical mode and save this under the desired name
  3. Close Matlab/Simulink
  4. Open the existing image within a texteditor and copy everything
  5. Open the new image (from step 2) within a texteditor and remove everything
  6. Paste the code copied from step 4 and save the file
  7. When you now open Matlab/Simulink, then the original image should be visible again.
If anybody knows were to 'find' this reference and/or to reload this, then I am still interested how to do this. Please leave an comment/answer then.

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