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In Simulink, how can I add switches which open or close at a certain time?

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I have the next circuit and I want that the first switch(starting from left to right) closes at t=0s, the second one opens at t=0s and the last one closes at t=0.1s

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M.B on 29 May 2023
Edited: M.B on 29 May 2023
What did you try? Did you get any errors?
You will need to set threashold to 0.5 in the switches and modify the values in the step blocks.
First switch: step time = 0; Initial value = 0; final value = 1;
Second switch: step time = 0; Initial value = 1; final value = 0;
Third switch: step time = 0.1; Initial value = 0; final value = 1;
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Washington on 1 Jun 2023
I didn't get any error, just i was not getting the answer as expected, i had to change the circuit breaker for a switch and finally worked.

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