Why is nothing happening when I upload csv file in ThingSpeak?

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Hello Community,
I am trying to upload my own data from a csv table in ThingSpeak and when I click on import -->browse-->upload I receive confirmation message "Data.csv iport in progress" and then nothing happens.
Can you help me plot a diagram with Dates and time for x-Axis and Values in y-Axis?
If this might help, I also managed to plot my csv table in MatLab2015a and I need a ThingSpeak forecast analysis on it. Can someone please assist here?

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Christopher Stapels
Christopher Stapels on 22 May 2023
Edited: Christopher Stapels on 22 May 2023
To import data into ThingSpeak from a csv file, the format is very specific. Here is a doc page that describes the process. There is also a template available if you click the data improt / exprot tab on your channel view.
The documentation page Write data shows all the ways to write data. You can even use thingSpeakRead to write data in a table or timetable directly to ThingSpeak from MATLAB.
Once you have the data in ThingSpeak, there are automatic field plots and you can also write MATLAB analysis and Visualizations app instances to automate analysis or create custom plots.
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Elena on 23 May 2023
Thank you, Christopher! I also checked my email address and saw that I have been informed about the error and why ThingSpeak couldn't import the data. This might be helpful for others.

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