Help to verify obtained plots from .txt file data.

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I would like know if someone could help me to verify if my code and the results that I got are right regarding to plot data from .txt file.
Attached will find a zip file containing the .txt file.
Also will find a .pdf file containing:
Page 1 the expected plot and page 2 the obtained one. Here the expected and obtained one is matched. However there is a difference between page 3 (expected results) and page 4 (obtained results).
Any suggestion is more than welcome.
Here is my code
unzip('Data'),movefile('Data 2.txt','10_03_2012_Modificado.txt')
data = readmatrix('10_03_2012_Modificado.txt');
T = data(:,1);
T2 = data(:,2);
figure; % Place "figure" in this section allow to plot this data in a separate window.
plot (T,T2,'x');
title 'Emitted Signal from NAA Station';
ylabel ('Phase');
xlabel ('Samples');
T = data(:,1);
T3 = data(:,3);
plot (T,T3,'x');
title 'Emitted Signal from NAA Station';
ylabel ('Apmlitude');
xlabel ('Samples');
Angel Lozada
Angel Lozada on 19 May 2023
Dear Rik
Thanks for your soon reply.
Regardring you question, I was thiking to obtain a plot in page 4 similar to page 3 as I got it between page 1 and 2. However, as you point out, the difference in second plot is the moving average line.
Regarding your PS, I do not know that you mean about "please use the layout tools yourself". Could you explain me please?

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Accepted Answer

Rik on 19 May 2023
Moved: Rik on 20 May 2023
You can find an explanation for the layout tools here. It is the toolbar you see when you edit your question.
How did you try to find a moving average? Both movmean (or movmedian) and conv may be useful.
Rik on 20 May 2023
I moved my comment to the answer section, so now you should see the button. Glad to be of help.

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