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How can I use codes downloaded in MATLAB file exchange?

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Does anyone know how to use the codes shared in file exchange in MATLAB online?
If you know, I would appreciate if you could tell me how.
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Stephen23 on 15 May 2023
There is absolutely no difference to code you write yourself: simply unzip it onto the MATLAB search path or into the current directory. The details depend on the particular submission that you downloaded (which you have not told us), e.g. if it is a toolbox, if it requires all of its subfolders to be added to the path, etc.

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Rik on 15 May 2023
With a sufficiently new release you can use the AddOn Manager to add submissions automatically. That should even take care of update notifications.
I you want to avoid that, everything depends on which submission you want to download and use. When you download a submission you will get a zip file with all code files. When you put those files in any folder on your path, you can use the functions. Toolboxes need a slightly method of installation, but that should be self-explanatory when you open the file.


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