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custom hardware interface for Simulink Desktop Real-Time

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My goal is to test a high power protection system using hardware in the loop. To communicate with the system i need to implement the IEC61850 protocol in simulink. This paper describes what im trying to implement prety well.
My question is how to set up the interface between simulink and the network card.

Accepted Answer

Jan Houska
Jan Houska on 13 May 2023
Hi Michiel,
Simulink Desktop Real-Time has no specific support for IEC 61850. To implement it, it depends on what execution mode you plan to use.
If you plan to use Connected I/O mode only, you implement the support in any Simulink-compatible way, because Connected I/O mode does not restrict you from using any Simulink-compatible method. So you can use the C language interface blocks, S-functions, third-party libraries, etc.
If you plan to use Run In Kernel mode, then calls to third-party libraries are not possible. If you plan to use IEC 61850 over TCP/IP, you can use the TCP/IP protocol support available with the Packet Input/Output or Stream Input/Output blocks and base your implementation on that.

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Dimitri MANKOV
Dimitri MANKOV on 12 May 2023
Hi Michiel,
Not sure about Simulink Desktop Real-Time, but you might want to have a look into the solution offered by Simulink Real-Time in conjunction with Speedgoat hardware, which provides support for the IEC61850 protocol (see here for more details).

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